4 common myths

4 Common Myths About Freight Shipping Busted

Freight shipping myths abound in the complex logistics industry. To outsiders, freight shipping is an expensive way to move goods. They think it’s complex or confusing, or that it lacks transparency and oversight. Read on to learn more about these common freight shipping myths.

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Freight Shipping Rates are Expensive

This freight shipping myth is number one on our list because the flat truth is that freight shipping rates are not static, nor are they arbitrarily set. For example, rates for sea freight are high due to global supply chain issues, but air freight shipping has recently shown itself to be a more economical option for moving goods to hubs across the globe.

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It’s Complex and Confusing

This freight shipping myth is especially dubious as it keeps people from accessing freight services. At LHP Transportation, we offer a number of resources on how to navigate this complex industry. You can access the logistics industry and a global supply chain. Contact us today for a quote from LHP Transportation.

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The ELD Rule Doesn’t Effect Me

The electronic logging device (ELD) rule is a government mandate that requires freight drivers to install electronic listening devices in their commercial motor vehicles. This rule affects freight drivers, non-CDL drivers, driveaway towing operators, and any freight vehicle made before the year 2000.

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There is No Transparency

The freight shipping industry in the United States is regulated by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). This government body provides oversight and regulations that improve freight shipping safety for both customers and drivers. Additionally, new freight management technologies have enabled greater supply chain visibility, enabling shippers to track their goods from point to point.

Though challenged by the current global environment and inaccurate freight shipping myths, the logistics industry is resilient and a lynchpin in the global economy. Want to join a global community of shippers? Get a quote today from LHP Transportation.