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No matter the size of your business, the standard of service your customers expect is your lifeblood. When you’re shipping your products all over the country, you need experienced, reliable hands to ensure your customers receive the timely, caring delivery service they expect and deserve. At LHP Transportation, we leverage best-in-class logistics technology and a national network of carriers to ensure our clients efficient distribution of their goods, no matter how large their business grows. We have over 25 years of experience in freight transportation and have had the pleasure of serving multiple Fortune 500 clients, and we’d love to add you to the family. So stop wasting money on logistics and the recruitment and management of carriers. Choose the experts who can get it done, all in one! Call LHP Transportation and get a freight quote today.



  • Paperless transactions through online load submission and payment system
  • Real-time digital tracking and tracing of your freight
  • National freight carrier network large enough to serve Fortune 500 companies
  • Access to special tax incentives
  • Freight broker agents available 24/7
  • Top-shelf logistics support
  • Freight transportation throughout the U.S., Canada and Mexico
  • Truckload and LTL shipping anywhere in the United States

Let A Freight Broker Handle Your Shipping

What are all the costs that go into in-house distribution? You’ve got to account for a whole gamut of factors, from the physical staff, equipment, and vehicles needed to maintain an inventory and get products shipping out in a timely manner. You’ve got to have staff specifically designated and trained to handle the logistics, and for companies with a larger service area, a reliable network of carriers.

On top of that, you’ll likely need to insure every staff member, vehicle, and piece of equipment involved in the process, and have your human resources department develop and maintain recruiting, payroll, and compliance strategies to ensure you have all the necessary pieces in place for a successful, long-lasting distribution operation.

All factors added together, you’re looking at a potentially million-dollar or multi-million dollar operation that’ll take months to fully organize and require a significant portion of your operating budget. You could take this headache of a route – or you could hire a freight broker like LHP Transportation to handle your distribution for you!

Freight brokers like LHP can save your company an incredible amount of time and money by taking all the expertise and all the physical, technological, and human resources that running a national shipping operation requires off your plate of responsibilities. You’ll need to maintain your inventory logistics of course, but freight brokers like us can reliably handle everything from Point A to Point B for you, saving your business from an expensive logistical nightmare and keeping your customers happy with the timely delivery service they expect and deserve.

Freight brokers also help keep the shipping economy stable! Not only do we do the work of recruiting the most reliable carriers for you, we help local carriers stay busy during down seasons with readily available loads for hauling. This keeps local carriers employed and bringing in a steadier income, which in turn helps maintain the carrier’s business and the location they’re in as a viable, reliable point in our national carrier network. Win-win!

LHP Transportation is proud to be a veteran leader in freight transportation, with over 25 years in the industry. We’ve combined the strengths of cutting-edge logistics technology, which allows you to digitally track and trace your loads in real time, with a national network of carriers that can get your goods anywhere they need to go in the U.S, Canada, or Mexico. It’s given us the capability to reliably serve the immense need of certain Fortune 500 companies, and to extend a sterling reputation of timely, attentive service to you.

LHP Transportation is proud to offer truckload and LTL shipping anywhere throughout North America. Not sure what kind of shipping is best for your business’ needs? Continue reading below to learn more!

What Kind Of Shipping Is Right For My Business?

There are multiple types of freight transportation, and the most cost-efficient method for your business is dependent on a number of factors, from the volume of products you typically need shipped to the physical size and dimensions of your goods themselves.

We recognize that these needs can fluctuate from quarter-to-quarter, too. By choosing a freight broker like us, who are incentivized to get the most out of every truckload, you’re gaining the opportunity to enjoy flexible freight transportation that can adapt to meet your needs. You’ll be getting the most efficient shipping possible, so you get the most out of your money, instead of investing in a warehouse full of trucks that are only used to their full capacity half the time.



Truckload shipping is the most common type of freight transportation – it’s the method most people picture when you mention the term ‘shipping.’ This method of freight transportation uses all the space on a truck for one client to carry a shipment, or shipments, from one shipping location to a consignee. Most typical freight truckloads range from 5,000 to 45,000 pounds in weight.

Truckload shipping is well-suited for shipments that require more space, are irregularly shaped, or require special conditions for transportation. This method also tends to be the fastest mode of shipping, as it does not require your load to be transferred between trailers during the shipping process. Truckload shipping may be your best bet if you have a consistently high volume of products that need to be shipped, or if you want to ensure the fastest delivery times possible.

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Less-Than-Truckload, or LTL shipping, is another one of the most common shipping methods in freight transportation. This method of shipping is economical and practical, and it’s the method in which you really reap the benefits in efficiency that a national freight broker like LHP Transportation offers. In LTL shipping, one truck carries multiple clients’ smaller deliverables that each take up less space than the full load the truck can handle on their own, hence the name less-than-truckload. These smaller volumes of deliverables, which typically range in weight from 100 to 20,000 pounds, are shipped in combination with other freight to save time and money.

The greatest advantage of LTL shipping is the incredible amount of time and money you can save in shipping, however, the delivery speed of LTL shipping tends to be a little slower than that of truckload shipping, since LTL shipments are often transferred between trucks during the process of shipment.

LTL shipping may be the best bet for your business if you don’t have a significant volume of product to ship out, or if you’re looking for the most cost-efficient method of freight transportation.


Volume LTL shipping is very similar to standard LTL shipping in terms of the process and its advantages, but it’s a slightly different pricing category, one that applies to shipment loads that fall in the middle between truckload and LTL shipping. Volume LTL pricing comes into play when a shipment load takes up more than six standard pallets of space, weighs more than 6,000 pounds, or occupies more than 12 feet of a standard shipping trailer. Volume LTL is more of a shipment pricing category than a truly unique method of freight transportation, but it’s important to distinguish it because LTL shipping, and LTL shipping pricing is all about efficiency. If you have products to ship that don’t weigh much but take up a large area within a standard freight truck, you’ll need to have your load quoted at a Volume LTL shipping rate to compensate for the loss of space within the truck for other potential shipments.

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Intermodal freight transportation refers to the use of shipping containers to move your shipments between multiple modes of freight shipping, such as ships, rails, and trucks. Many large corporations utilize intermodal freight transportation because of the risk reduction – because intermodal freight is typically encased in a shipping container, it doesn’t require direct handling of the products you’re shipping – and because it helps them reduce their environmental footprint.

Intermodal freight transportation can be very useful for companies with especially large shipments or international shipment needs.


Regardless of what shipping method or methods are best to efficiently meet your company’s needs, when you choose LHP Transportation, you’re signing up for top-class security and monitoring of your shipments. We work with our carriers to equip every truck in our network with state-of-the-art load monitoring equipment that allows you and our freight broker agents to monitor and ensure the safe, efficient shipment of your products digitally.

Our logistics infrastructure allows you to track and trace your loads completely online, with reliable, real-time data. We use a black box system for our load monitoring hardware that gives it emergency capabilities and equips it with an uninterruptible power supply, ensuring that there will never be down time in your data, and that you’ll be able to monitor your shipments’ efficient travel from point A to point B.


Our national shipping network isn’t the only way we can help you save. LHP Transportation is proud to be a minority-owned and operated business, a fact our clients are happy about, too! Why? Because the U.S. government, as well as roughly 39 states within the country, offer special tax breaks to companies that partner with minority-owned businesses. There are a variety of programs and special tax breaks you can apply to when you choose LHP Transportation as your freight broker, and the amount and type of federal and state tax benefits you can receive depends on what programs you apply to and what state your business is located in. We suggest consulting with your legal team and accounting department to determine the full extent of savings you could intend to benefit from when you choose LHP for your freight transportation.