Five Reasons Why You Should Outsource Your Distribution Logistics

Five Reasons Why You Should Outsource Your Distribution Logistics

Have you ever considered all of the elements that go into an efficient, well-run product distribution operation? 

Beyond the manpower and warehouse space, there are a ton of resources that go into the logistics that support your operations. Load tracking and tracing technology. Remote monitoring software. Logistics specialists. On-call support. Operations managers. Vehicle inspection. Insurance and quality assurance specialists. All these and more are common to shipping logistics for medium- to large-sized companies, and they can be a massive headache and financial investment to keep in-house. 

 Instead of going through all the trouble of recruiting and retaining all the talent for a shipping logistics department, which your human resources managers may not know how to hire for, why not outsource your shipping logistics to an expert freight broker? 

At LHP Transportation, we work with clients of all sizes around the United States to streamline their product distribution and manage their logistics to ensure them smooth, cost-efficient product distribution. We’ve built our brand over the last two decades with cutting-edge technology and attentive customer service to become one of the leading names in freight transportation. Call us today to get a freight quote, and read on to learn more about how outsourcing your distribution logistics to a freight broker can benefit your business. 


Save Time And Money

By outsourcing your shipping logistics to LHP Transportation, you’re saving your company the time and expense of recruiting and building out your own logistics department — and the savings are significant. On top of the time your hiring managers won’t have to waste on recruiting talent, you also won’t have to pay salary, payroll taxes, benefits, or find office space for new staff. Instead, you’ll be enjoying the service of our talented, capable shipping agents — tested and proven shipping logistics experts. No additional hiring, no additional expenses, no time necessary to train and develop — no hassle!


Enjoy Increased Stability

Choosing the LHP Transportation shipping logistics team saves you money from the get-go, and over time. Instead of assuming the risk of maintaining your own logistics department over time, working to  remain competitive to retain top talent and limit turnover, you can enjoy top-quality support from our team and let us deal with the minutiae of maintaining our team. We didn’t get to be one of the biggest names in freight transportation for no reason — we earned our reputation through dedicated service and have become one of the top destinations for veteran freight broker agents. When you partner with us, you can be confident you’re getting support from a stable, veteran team. 


Increase The Safety And Security Of Your Deliverables 

The benefits of outsourcing your distribution to LHP Transportation aren’t limited to your pocketbook. We’re proud to offer cutting-edge load monitoring technology for our clients’ success. We equip our carriers’ trucks with state-of-the-art load monitoring equipment to give you uninterruptible assurance of your products’ safety and good condition from pickup to drop-off. 


Gain In-Depth Logistics Information

Our load monitoring equipment is top-notch, allowing you to track and trace your loads in real time, completely online! Our hardware is equipped with an uninterruptible power supply and EDI capability, assuring that you’ll continue to receive shipping information no matter the conditions on the road. 


Enjoy Unfettered Access  

Best of all, when you outsource your distribution to LHP Transportation, you’ll gain unfettered access to your logistics support team. While you’d likely have to pay more to have in-house specialists available to work overtime, our freight broker agents are required to be available to help our clients 24/7, and with our online load management system, you and your agent will be able to quickly work through any issues or shipping emergencies, any time, day or night. That’s what you get when you choose LHP as your distribution partner. 

No matter the size of your operation, outsourcing your distribution logistics just makes sense. Not only is it more cost-effective, but you’ll enjoy greater support, greater security for your deliverables, and more in-depth logistical information than you will if you continue to manage your distribution in-house. Call LHP Transportation today, and get started shipping with one of America’s most trusted and capable freight brokers!