Manage Your Company’s Distribution Remotely

With social distance restrictions in place and businesses having to operate more efficiently — and remotely — than ever before to stay afloat, innovation is key to maximizing your business’s potential. What if we told you that you could manage your company’s distribution operations remotely?

With LHP Transportation, now you can. We’ve combined a staff of experienced freight brokers with cutting-edge logistics technology to become one of the only firms that can offer your business 100% digital, outsourced freight shipping operations. In today’s blog, we’ll be discussing the many benefits that your company can enjoy by handing off product distribution to the experts — and how the LHP system gives you the tools you need to exercise control and ensure efficiency from anywhere. Continue reading to learn why you should ship your products through LHP!


Cut Costs Significantly 

The primary benefit of managing your company’s distribution is the significant cost savings your company can enjoy in doing so. When you choose to have LHP Transportation manage your freight shipping, you’ll avoid having to invest in trailer trucks and related product transportation infrastructure and insurance. Your HR staff will also gain a lot of time back without the need to hire, train, and retain product transportation staff. Depending on the size of your operation, the cost savings could be anywhere from hundreds of thousands of dollars to millions. 


Exercise Precise Control

Another great aspect of choosing to manage your product distribution remotely is the greater amount of control you’ll gain over the process. Instead of relying on reports as they make their way up the chain of command, you’ll be dealing with real-time information and a freight broker agent that is on-call to handle your freight shipping needs anytime, day or night. We at LHP Transportation designed our logistics system to provide you with one convenient online portal in which you can submit loads for shipment, track and trace your freight shipments in real time, and pay for services paperlessly. If you have trouble, we have expert freight agents available 24/7 to personally attend to your needs. 


Enjoy Efficient, Reliable Distribution 

Truly national companies need distribution infrastructure large and spread out enough to effectively reach any part of the country. Instead of absorbing the cost of building that out yourself over time, why not distribute through a pre-existing network? LHP Transportation maintains an extensive network of freight shippers throughout North America, with an infrastructure strong enough to meet the sizable distribution needs of Fortune 500 companies like Walmart and John Deere. Because our network is made up of independent freight shippers located around the country, you can rest easy knowing your products will always have a truck available to take them where they need to go, no matter the destination. 


Enhance Product Security

You’ll also enjoy enhanced product security by managing your distribution remotely through LHP. We outfit every truck and container in our freight shipping system with state-of-the art load monitoring technology. This innovation provides you real-time tracking and tracing data that you can access through our secure online portal, allowing you to stay up-to-date on the status of your shipments at any phase of the journey from Point A to Point B. 


Optimize Your Operations

Business is all about winning on the margins, and when you choose to manage your product distribution remotely, you’ll enjoy big victories on multiple fronts, and your customers will enjoy a safer, more reliable shipping process for the orders than before. 

LHP Transportation is one of the veteran names in freight shipping, with more than 25 years in the industry, and we have the resources and expertise to help you ship products more securely and cost-efficiently than ever before. Give us a call today to start the conversation about your company’s freight shipping needs, and tap into the power of efficiency!