Frequently Asked Questions About Freight Transportation

When it comes to having your cargo or goods transported from one place to another, you want to have a freight company you can trust. But there is a lot of information you need before choosing the right company, like: What can be shipped through the freight? What are the shipping rates of commodities? That’s why LHP Transportation in Springfield is here to provide you answers to some of our most frequently asked questions. Don’t see your question answered here? Contact our team for more information!

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How Are Shipping Rates Determined?

Freight rates are determined mainly by mode of transportation, weight, pick-up point, distance, and the type of commodities being shipped. For the commodities being shipped, freight classification is used to create a uniform way of charging for specific items which are either easier or more difficult to transport.

The farther the distance the package takes to reach its destination, the more the cost of shipping. The heavier the cargo, the more it will be to ship the goods. This is due to stow ability and handling issues.

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How Long Does It Take to Ship Freight?

The time it takes for a package to reach its destination is affected by distance, mode of shipping, route, and season. For instance, when you are shipping during winter and there has been snowfall, it becomes more difficult for cargo trucks to navigate through the roads.

It should also be noted that air shipping is faster when compared to shipping goods through sea shipping. The route taken by the truck, air, or ship will also affect the time taken to deliver cargo. Some routes have more traffic as compared to others; some are safer than others.

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What’s the Best Way to Package Products?

Packaging products is a very important aspect of freight shipping. This is because it prevents damage to the cargo, separates products, and leaves a good impression on the freight company. One of the best means to package products is by separating breakables from unbreakable, as this will prevent damage.

Another tip is, when feasible, to use original electronics packaging materials; this is because nothing will protect the electronics better than this packaging. Finally, a very vital tip is to also ensure all the products packaged pass the shake test. If you hear cargo moving, then the shipment is not secure.

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What Can Be Shipped Through Freight?

Any shipment that is over one hundred and fifty pounds is considered freight. Different types of cargo can either be transported through sea, air, or by land. For land, there are goods known as less than a truckload, which means goods that do not fill up the entire truck, whereas a full truckload fills the entire truck space. There is also cargo known as expedited freight, which refers to freight that cannot be delivered quickly. The classification of your goods will help determine which mode of transportation you can use.

Freight transportation is one means of transport that has helped a lot of people and businesses transfer bulky goods that have saved a lot of costs. If you’re looking for a freight company you can trust, choose LHP Transportation in Springfield — and contact us with any more questions you have about freight transportation!