Understanding LTL with LHP

Understanding LTL Freight Transportation

If you read “LTL” out loud, you most likely will say little. And that is exactly what LTL freights are – they’re smaller shipments. At LHP Transportation, we excel in providing top-of-the-line freight services, and that includes educating on the topic. Below our team has broken down the ins and outs of LTL freight transportation and how we optimize it in our daily operations.


LTL Freight

LTL is shorthand for “less than load”, which means the goods we are transporting do not fill an entire truckload. As a result,  LTL freights are often shipped together on one truck that delivers multiple stops on its route. 


Pros of LTL Freight

LTL freight transportation is great for shipping companies because fulfilling multiple orders in one truckload is more cost-effective than having several trucks each dedicated to single orders no matter their size. This increased flexibility of having LTL freight combined on one truck is also better for the environment because it eliminates the need for delivery trucks to continuously drive back and forth between delivery centers and drop-off sites.

Cons of LTL Freight

LTL freight can also create challenges with concerns of time management. With LTL trucks dedicated to multiple orders, these drivers need to travel to multiple locations on a given route. In this same area of concern, LTL freight requires a lot of attention to detail. With so many moving parts, it is important to keep each delivery organized by being aware of factors such as weight, deadlines, and locations.

LTL Methods

A method to improve LTL freight transportation is using a transportation management system (TMS) which examines LTL loads for you. By paying attention to the details of your LTL freight, you can organize which shipments to put together in a given truck. TMS keeps deliveries for similar destinations together to optimize multi-stop deliveries and shorten route times. This system analyzes numerous other factors as well to help in other LTL areas.

LTL freight transportation may be “little”, but it is huge in the landscape of delivery. Because these loads can be shipped together on one single truck, freight transportation companies can experience more flexibility. At LHP Transportation, our freight broker agent program delivers top-quality logistics to help move shipments like these quickly, reliably, and efficiently. For more information on LHP Transportation services, contact us today!