LHP Transportation: A Great Partner For Freight Broker Agents

Are you an independent freight broker looking to expand your client base? Are you an experienced salesperson or dispatcher looking to break into a new industry? If so, partnering with LHP Transportation is the perfect next step for your career! We’ve built a reputation over the last 25 years as one of the top minority-owned freight brokers in North America, and we’re excited to add new talent to our team to continue expanding our freight network. Here’s just some of the ways becoming a freight broker agent with LHP Transportation can benefit you!


Expand Your Portfolio

We know from experience just how competitive the freight broker industry can be, where one large client’s business can be the difference between a banner year or bust. Luckily, we’ve managed to make a name for ourselves in the industry over the past two decades and counting. With the power of our brand behind you, you can become a bigger player in the game, able to get a foot in the door with corporations you wouldn’t dream of getting time with on your own. 


Gain Access To Our National Shipping Network

If you’ve worked as an independent freight broker before, chances are you’ve run into the problem of securing too much business and not enough carriers to handle all the shipments. That simple, harsh reality can take clients of certain sizes off the table of possibility before you even have a chance to sit down. When you partner with LHP Transportation, you’ll gain access to our national shipping network, a vast tool that spans North America. The sheer amount of carriers in our network will guarantee you’ll never have to worry about the size of a client when doing business again, and ensure that business opportunities are consistently available. 


Acquire Our Logistics Infrastructure

When you work with LHP, you’ll also gain access to our state-of-the-art load tracking and tracing technology. We use high-tech software that gives both our clients and agents the ability to submit, track, and trace loads digitally. We have our carriers use monitoring equipment with emergency capabilities and uninterruptible power supplies to ensure both you and our clients reliable product tracking data. You can learn more about the tracking technology we use here

Delegate Bookkeeping Responsibilities

We like to help our agents focus on doing what they best — selling our services, finding loads, and filling trucks! When you partner with LHP Transportation, we take most bookkeeping responsibilities out of your hands so you can focus your time and energy on serving your clients. We take care of almost all of that tedious paperwork for you, including: 

  • Account Receivables
  • Carrier Payables
  • Claims Administration
  • Back Office Reporting and Accounting
  • Technology Maintenance 
  • Approvals
  • Maintaining Bonds
  • Licensing and Insurance


Work Remotely

We may be based in Springfield, MO, but we do business all over North America! Our international business capabilities and logistics infrastructure give you the freedom as an agent to work independently from practically any location, finding loads and filling trucks on your own schedule. 


Increase Your Potential Earnings 

With the power of our brand, logistics infrastructure, and national shipping network behind you, you’ll be fully equipped to make a name for yourself in the freight broker industry and significantly increase your earning potential. We’re not just blowing hot air here — we do about $2 million in business every year, and we’re only getting started.


So what are you waiting for? If you want to take your freight broker business to the next level, or break into the industry in a big way behind the power of our brand, apply to join LHP Transportation today! We’re recognized as one of the top minority-owned brokers in the United States, and we’re only getting bigger every year. Come be a part of our expanding freight broker empire!