How Freight Brokers Can Save You Money

If your company does enough business that it’s shipping hundreds to thousands of products across America on a daily basis, chances are you devote a significant amount of your budget and manpower to freight management and logistics. At LHP transportation, we’re passionate about smart, efficient business. In the interest of efficiency, we’re here to tell you that devoting such a large chunk of your resources to managing and tracking the shipment of your products is costing you time and money that could be better spent improving other areas of your business. 

Instead of trying to handle all the logistics of shipping your products yourself, you should hire a freight broker like LHP Transportation. Freight brokers like us have the specialty knowledge and direct shipping knowledge to easily and securely handle your shipping needs, and we likely have a wider arsenal of carriers available to us than your company can afford to maintain. The knowledge, industry experience, and resources freight brokers like LHP Transportation possess can help your company save considerable time and money managing its shipping. 


Streamline Your Logistics

Choosing to have your product shipping handled by a freight broker can significantly streamline your shipping logistics. Instead of relying on the input of a large in-house team, who in turn are relying on reports from potentially unreliable carriers and spending a significant amount of their working hours recruiting, vetting, and communicating with new carriers, you can count on your one freight broker to handle your shipping needs for you and stay accountable for the timely, cost-effective delivery of your products to customers. Why rely on a whole team of people to handle different facets of your shipping operations and introduce the potential for disarray when you can trust one specialist freight broker to handle the entire process from start to finish? 


Secure The Lowest Shipping Rates

Shipping your products through a freight broker can also help you secure lower rates from carriers than your company could get on its own. Your company is just one of thousands that have freight that needs to be shipped, and chances are you don’t have anyone on staff who knows the freight shipping market as well as a professional freight broker. Not every freight broker can boast the same level of resources as LHP Transportation, but we work with a network of carriers that span North America. By consolidating demand, we’re able to secure the lowest shipping rates for our clients. 


Enhance Product Security

When you ship through a freight broker like LHP Transportation, you also enhance the level of security for your shipments. Freight brokers make their living on logistics and efficiency, both of which require lots of data and monitoring to optimize. Most freight brokers ensure their carriers are equipped with cutting-edge load tracking and tracing software so they can assure that they know exactly where your freight is on its course at any point in time. Different freight brokers have different standards for tracking and security, and LHP’s are some of the most thorough in the industry. Our interests are the same as yours: efficient, timely delivery of your freight to the place(s) it needs to go. 


Freight brokers are specialists in efficiency, and likely have more resources than your company can afford to replicate to handle your shipping needs. Stop wasting money on the expensive headache of shipping logistics and start saving on shipping rates by partnering with a freight broker like LHP Transportation! Learn more about our shipping logistics services and the tax advantages of working with a minority freight broker here