6 Common Freight Shipping Challenges

6 Common Freight Shipping Challenges

1) Hiring The Right Talent


As your operations expand, you’ll need to scale up your freight shipping services, either in-house or through a contractor, to keep up with growth. Doing so can be particularly challenging to business owners unfamiliar with freight shipping. What qualities should you look for when recruiting freight shipping staff or a contractor? Do you or your contractor have enough freight transportation infrastructure to handle your growing needs? How will you handle seasonal peaks in demand cost-effectively in order to maximize returns amidst booming business? 

A freight broker like LHP Transportation can handle freight shipping personnel challenges for you by turning the assignment over to our built-in network of dependable freight carriers. Our network has the bandwidth to handle the ginormous shipping needs of Fortune 500 companies such as John Deere and Walmart, and we have more than enough capacity to handle your company’s needs, too. When you choose LHP, you’ll be able to handle seasonal peaks in business and freight shipping needs with ease, without having to furlough freight shipping staff once the peak has subsided. 



2) Finding Competitive Shipping Rates


It can be difficult and incredibly time-consuming to find competitive shipping rates for your company if you don’t have a sizable portfolio of connections with freight carriers. You could spend hours on the phone getting quotes from different carriers, only to have the rate changed on you at the last moment. 

Take advantage of LHP Transportation’s intercontinental freight shipping network! When you choose us to be your freight broker, we’ll leverage our contacts throughout North America to find you best freight shipping rates in the country!



3) Preparation


There’s quite a lot of logistical work that goes into freight shipping, and we’ve found that many of our clients come to us because they simply don’t have the knowledge to handle it all themselves! It can be tempting to try to handle freight shipping in-house, but trust us, between recruiting and managing freight shipping staff, acquiring and insuring your freight shipping infrastructure, choosing the most effective modes of shipping and the most effective shipping routes, the money you could save is not worth the hours upon hours of time you’ll have to spend learning about and managing the minutiae of freight shipping. 

Leave it to LHP! We’re experts in the freight shipping industry and we already have all the infrastructure and logistics technology you need to ensure a maximally efficient operation! Best of all, we have freight broker agents available 24/7 to handle your concerns and provide you real-time updates on the status of your freight shipments. 



4) Choosing The Most Efficient Shipping Options


There are many different kinds of freight shipping, and each presents their own set of advantages and potential disadvantages, depending on the specific needs of your business. You need an expert freight broker like LHP Transportation to help you choose the right types of freight shipping for your needs in order to maximize the cost efficiency of your product distribution operations and get you the largest possible return on investment. 

Check out our blog, The Benefits Of Data-Driven Logistics Management, to learn more about our freight shipping logistics process and how we maximize efficiency!



5) Tracking


Tracking your freight shipments is critical to evaluating the efficiency of your operations and ensuring that your products reach your customers in peak condition. Load tracking and tracing technology is a significant investment for any company, and it can be difficult for those unacquainted with the industry to know which kinds of data are worth tracking. 

At LHP Transportation, we use state-of-the-art load monitoring technology that uses a black box and an uninterruptible power supply to bring you real-time data on your freight shipments that you can access through our easy online portal. Check out our blog, Manage Your Company’s Distribution Remotely, to learn more about our load tracking and tracing technology!



6) Scaling Your Operation With Growth


Growth is a good problem to have for any company, but without a freight broker, you could have a difficult time scaling your freight shipping operations to keep up with your growth. Instead of wasting hours in budgetary meetings worrying about how much shipping infrastructure to acquire and when, hand your freight shipping needs over to a freight broker that already has all the freight carriers and logistics technology you could need built in. 

Ship your freight through LHP Transportation! We’re freight shipping experts trusted by some of the country’s top companies to handle their shipping needs throughout North America. Call us to get a quote today!