Minority Truckers Alliance

Empowering Diversity on the Road: Minority Truckers Alliance’s Vision for Inclusive Freight Transportation

The Minority Truckers Alliance (MTA) is an organization that stands out as a beacon of progress and inclusivity in the trucking industry. Founded with the ambitious goal of creating a more diverse and empowered future for minority truckers, MTA has been at the forefront of bridging gaps in the industry for 30 years. Recognizing the challenges and limited opportunities often faced by minority truckers, the founders of MTA, themselves seasoned industry veterans, established a platform to address these issues head-on.

MTA’s mission is to connect minority truckers with a broader range of opportunities, particularly with large shippers and Fortune 100 companies, thereby expanding their customer base and freight networks. Through this initiative, MTA aims to increase diversity in transportation and help minority-owned transport companies gain access to lucrative contracts and loads that were previously out of reach.

The organization offers a comprehensive suite of services designed to not only keep trucks loaded but also to ensure financial health and operational efficiency for its members. These services include access to a wide variety of freight options, from bulk loads to contract freight, and the benefit of quick pay and unlimited credit to support business growth. Furthermore, MTA’s partnership with Prime Advantage+ provides members with significant discounts on diesel, tires, maintenance, and access to AI technology to optimize their operations.

MTA’s approach to diversity and inclusion in the trucking industry is multifaceted. They assist companies in self-certifying their businesses, discovering previously unknown freight opportunities, and leveraging EDI technology and a robust back-office network. Their team of industry experts is dedicated to helping members grow organically, offering cost savings and efficient transport optimization solutions.

The leadership team at MTA, including founder Lee Hampton and experts in various trucking sectors like David Burdick, Mike Begnaud, and Shannon Michael, among others, brings over 30 years of experience in contracting and moving as a Minority-Owned Transporter. Their expertise is a critical resource for members, guiding them through the operational processes and challenges of the industry.

In summary, the Minority Truckers Alliance is a pivotal organization in the trucking industry, offering a full range of operations to help minority truckers and businesses grow. With a focus on empowering diversity, providing access to better freight opportunities, and ensuring financial and operational health, MTA is a testament to the positive impact that inclusive practices can have in the transportation sector.