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4 Ways LHP Transportation Helps Freight Brokers Earn More Money

Are you looking to level up your business as an independent freight broker agent and earn more money? Have you ever considered partnering with an established brand? Continue reading to learn more about how LHP Transportation can help you further your career as a freight broker!

As we’re sure you have firsthand experience with, making it in the freight broker industry is not easy. With so many potential carriers around the country and large competitors trying to undercut you, it can be difficult for an independent freight broker to stay afloat — that is, until you partner with LHP Transportation.

At LHP Transportation, we’re veterans of the freight broker industry, having enjoyed 25 years and counting of serving some of America’s most well-known companies, including Walmart, John Deere, and Smithfield Foods. We’ve carved our niche in the market by combining a national network of freight carriers with top-tier logistics support, enabling both our clients and our freight broker agents to identify data-driven solutions for their freight transportation and simplify the freight shipping process. We’d be thrilled to add your skills to our team, and we’re confident that we can offer you better support and add more value to your business than any other freight broker agency. The following are just a few of the benefits you can enjoy when working as a freight broker agent for LHP Transportation. 


Gain Access To Freight Transportation Tracking Software

Are you sick of having to make late-night calls to carriers to figure out where the heck a client’s freight shipment is on its route? Do you spend hundreds a month on logistics technology from a contractor? When you partner with LHP Transportation, your struggles tracking and tracing loads are over. We equip our freight carriers’ vehicles with state-of-the-art load monitoring software that features EDI capability and an uninterruptible power supply to offer you and your clients real-time data on the status of their shipments, even in the event of emergencies! This can save you significant time and help you offer a higher value experience to clients. 


Work From Anywhere

As freight broker veterans, we don’t want you to have to give up any connections you’ve made or leave the region you’ve worked so hard to develop business in. LHP Transportation is based in Springfield, Missouri, but our freight broker agents work remotely all over the country. As long as you’re available to serve your clients whenever they need, you’re free to work from whatever location is most effective for you.


Free Up More Time For Your Core Duties & Goals

As freight broker agents ourselves, we know your time is too valuable to be wasted on administrative tasks that are essential to business but an impediment to your securing more business. When you partner with LHP Transportation, your bookkeeping responsibilities will be handed off to our support staff so you have more time to do what you do best — help businesses streamline their freight transportation, sign more clients, and get more trucks filled! Our support team will take care of all that pesky paperwork, including:

  • Accounts Receivable
  • Carrier Payables
  • Claims Administration
  • Back Office Reporting and Accounting
  • Technology Maintenance 
  • Approvals
  • Maintaining Bonds
  • Licensing and Insurance


Enjoy A Brand Name Boost

Not only will you free up time in your workday when you partner with LHP Transportation, but you’ll also be negotiating from a stronger position with our name behind you. LHP is a respected name in the freight transportation industry — we do more than $2 million a year in business, and we maintain an intercontinental freight transportation network that’s spread out enough to reach anywhere in North America, and robust enough to allow us to serve the massive freight transportation needs of Fortune 500 companies.

Not only that, but we are a minority-owned business, meaning that businesses can reap the benefits of special tax incentives when they choose to ship freight through our carriers! This is a unique value proposition that you can leverage to attract more clients, as not many of our competitors can offer this same advantage to companies!


Partner With LHP Transportation Today

So if you can gain access to premium load monitoring technology, be liberated from onerous paperwork, have the power of a respected name in freight transportation behind you at the negotiating table, AND not have to relocate your business, what are you waiting for? Call LHP Transportation to explore a partnership, or fill out the application form on our website today!